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Currently Accepting New Clients
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Difficult Conversations Made Easier

My Approach

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I bring an occupational therapy approach to sex counseling that gives you a holistic view of the factors that have been influencing your sex life and difficulties, and a strong understanding of the mind-body connection. Our sex therapy sessions are talk based, but action focused and pleasure centered. Each session, you will walk away with a new suggestion, pattern, technique, or perspective to try out.

By being ready and open to learning different perspectives, patterns, and “ways of doing” related to sex you’ll find you desire sex more and enjoy sex. I want to help guide you in building self-awareness and learning how to advocate and communicate about yourself and your needs.

My mission is to dismantle the restrictive norms related to sex that limit us as sexual beings and limit honest and accurate discussions about sex in healthcare settings. If you are ready to make real change in your approach to sex, I would love set up a 15 minute call to make sure we’re a good fit.

My Books

Explore my books in the field of sex therapy, offering invaluable insights and guidance for fostering deeper intimacy and connection in your relationships.

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More About Me

Dr. Kathryn Ellis

​I’m an AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor and Doctor of Occupational Therapy. I started addressing sex Day 1 as a brand new OT. I was working at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with severely injured combat service members. They and their partners had questions about sex that no one else seemed comfortable and confident answering. Many of these service members struggled with body image, low desire, erectile dysfunction, feeling sexy, physical limitations, trauma, and rushing through sex or “checking out” during sex.

My original gravitation towards sexual health was to address this glaring gap in healthcare, I quickly became impassioned by all things sex and intimacy and have a deep appreciation for helping people navigate these difficult challenges and conversations. After 10 years at Walter Reed, I knew it was time to transition to private practice and serve clients throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.




My dedication to fostering open and honest dialogue about sex in healthcare environments has guided the way I show up in my practice. I see the benefit day in and day out of my services and am dedicated to helping create a robust and sex-positive healthcare system that reframes how we talk about sex. Some of the ways I have contributed to that change →

Resources For Clinicians

If you’re interested in connecting with Kathryn about training, consulting, and research, please check out her education website or fill out this contact form

Difficult conversations are made easier with guidance, prompting, and some tough love guard rails.