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Currently Accepting New Clients
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Sex Therapy Services

Expert Sex Therapy Counseling Across Delaware & Pennsylvania

Remove the physical and emotional blocks to great sex, sexual confidence, receiving pleasure, building sexual desire, and connection with yourself or partner/s.

Receive evidence based education to correct the plethora of misinformation about sex that contributes to developing ineffective and unhelpful patterns around sex. I find joy in helping people better understand their bodies and feel pleasure in it through understanding the mind-body connection, then learning to confidently communicate what they want and don’t want to partners.


Build self-awareness to strengthen your trust and relationship with yourself and your body. You’ll know what you need in your environment and within yourself to want sex, enjoy sex, feel confident, and feel pleasure.


Couples work is individual work that we do together inspired by the same goals. Couples are welcomed into a neutral zone to share and establish new and healthier patterns related to sex and pleasure.

Workshops, Retreats, and Sex Ed Parties

Sex education for grown folks. Always empathetic and a little spicy, I take my years of experience and share what I’ve learned about adults and sex.

So How Does Sex Counseling Work?

During your initial 50-minute session, we will start with an in-depth conversation about your sexual health, what’s going on, and what would better look like. Using this information, we’ll discuss your goals. Questions will be comprehensive and ask about all factors which can influence sexual & intimate relationships satisfaction, such as, sexual desire, sexual arousal, pain with sex, erections and orgasms, experiences which have been fun and experiences which have been difficult or traumatic, what you enjoy doing, and what you want to do but feels difficult to do.

I am a strong advocate for you feeling in control of all of our sessions and will remind you that you can answer the questions and discuss the topics that you want to or are comfortable discussing.

​My goal for each session is that you feel educated on your body and mind & have a clear plan for exercises and new ways of doing until our next session.

I acknowledge and honor the work you will put into treatment & the care you will take of our yourself. Ah-ha moments will surely happen in our treatment time together, but I am also available via email and our client portal outside of the 50 minutes we’ll spend together for reflections, celebrations, and questions.

Ready to get started? I offer a 15 minute consultation call to make sure we’re a good fit. You can schedule your free call here.

Open dialogue and communication isn’t always enough for a couple to understand each others’ sexual wants and needs and explore their physical relationship. For a subject that many of us have been socialized to feel is taboo, having Kathryn guide conversation by offering a perspective that is open, nonjudgmental, and exploratory made all the difference.”

– past client

Educated care and advice to help you finally reach your unique sexual goals.