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Sex Therapy
For Better Sex

Get curious, have fun, change your approach, and make difficult conversations easier

Safe & Comfortable Space To Talk About Sex

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Tired of the traditional medical model that looks at issues with sex as something to “fix”? I offer nonjudgemental “come as you are” sex counseling where we don’t try to fix you. We work together to help you learn about your body, yourself as a sexual person, your partner, and how to communicate about sex. You’ll develop different techniques and strategies that work specifically for you.

Dr. Kathryn Ellis  (She/Her)

AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor & Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Serving Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

I combine a fiery passion with years of training in sexuality & relationships to help clients meet their sexual & relational goals. I find joy in helping people better understanding their bodies and feel pleasure in it, then learn to confidently communicate this awareness to partners.

I strive for my practice and approaches to be inclusive and meet all of my clients where they’re at as a sexual person. I make an intention to be disability/illness/injury, LGBTQIA+, kink, and poly inclusive through additional training and pulling from my experience and knowledge as an occupational therapist.

Sex therapy services

Establish new approaches, strategies, routines to help you achieve your goals

Individual Therapy

Build self-awareness to strengthen your trust and relationship with yourself and your body. You’ll know what you need in your environment and within yourself to want sex, enjoy sex, feel confident, and feel pleasure.

Couples Therapy

Couples work is individual work that we do together inspired by the same goals. Couples are welcomed into a neutral zone to share and establish new and healthier patterns related to sex and pleasure.

Workshops, Retreats, and Sex Ed Parties

Sex education for grown folks. Always empathetic and a little spicy, I take my years of experience and share what I’ve learned about adults and sex.

Receive evidence based education to correct the plethora of misinformation about sex.

I find joy in helping people better understand their bodies and feel pleasure in it, then learn to confidently communicate what they want and don’t want to partners.

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Safe & Comfortable Space to Talk About Sex

With compassion and expertise, I provide a judgment-free zone where you can explore desires, address concerns, and cultivate a deeper connection to your body.

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